Generally speaking, the beginning of November marks the end of the surf season in the Maldives. It’s around now that all of our focus shifts to next season. Whilst past trips have been a success, that doesn’t mean we’re going to rest on our laurels going forward.
One of the most exciting things about running Renegade Surf Travel (aside from surfing perfect waves), is that we have just one main focus. Rather than diversifying, we want to see just how good we can make our Maldives surf coaching experience!

That said, here are a few things we’re implementing for 2021 to take help take our trips to the next level:

More responsible surf travel

From 2020 onward, all of our surf coaching trips will be carbon offset. We’re surfers, and travelling comes hand in hand with that. Whilst there’s no getting away from the carbon footprint air travel produces, we can offset it by investing in green initiatives that counteract the impact of our travels over time. It’s not perfect but it’s something, and we’re committed to doing something. We will also provide you with a re-usable water bottle to cut down on single use plastics.

If you want to work out the cost of off-setting your own carbon footprint and the various initiatives caring for environment, check out this handy calculator.


Improved surf break access

For 2020, our trips will include both a small tender boat (Dinghy) AND a 10-12m metre traditional Maldivian boat with a roof (Dhoni) to accompany the charter boat.*

The addition of a Dhoni is a massive improvement to your surf travel experience. It allows you to take supplies such as water, snacks and sunscreen out to the lineup with you. This means longer sessions and ultimately, more waves. The Dhoni also provides a great place for your photographer to get closer to the action!

*Excludes our March/April trip which does not require a Dhoni as the smaller charter boat can anchor closer to the lineup

Mariana with dhoni and dinghyMariana with 3m dinghy and one of the best surf Dhonis in the Maldives.


Trips throughout the season, plus a range of trip lengths.

We have spread our trips throughout the season, offering varying conditions to suit 90% of surfers. In addition, 7, 10 and 14 day trips offer something for everyone who is looking to take their surfing to the next level.

small, fun waves in the MaldivesSmall, empty and fun.

Of course, we’re dealing with Mother Nature so there are no guarantees when it comes to the waves. However, seasonal averages allow us to ask the following questions:

Are you an intermediate surfer craving fun-sized, glassy conditions? Join our Intermediate trip, 3-13th April

Or a competent surfer looking to improve your skills in the biggest and best waves in the Maldives? Join our Advanced trip, 1-11th August

Been with us before? Get £100 off your next Maldives trip with us!

Want to have a private coaching trip for just you and your crew? Get in touch for private trips (4 people minimum)

pumping waves at chickens maldivesPumping and empty.

“Everything but the bar”

That’s a saying, right? Either way, what we’re saying is once you touch down in the Maldives, the only thing you’ll need to pay for is drinks from the bar.

Of course, the obvious things are covered. – Your private accommodation, daily in-depth surf coaching with video analysis and incredible chef prepared meals. What sets Renegade Surf Travel apart is all taxes, airport transfers, photos, videos and crew tips are also included in our prices. This keeps the amount of cash you need to carry to a minimum and allows us to take care of everything in advance. You just focus on your surfing and having the time of your life!


2021 Trips

To take your surfing to the next level in paradise, simply get in touch to secure your spot. See you next season!




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